70" Square Tablecloths


70" Square Tablecloths

You need to cover your square tables during your wedding celebrations – to protect them and make them look beautiful too. We provide 70 square tablecloth linens that always look elegant – no matter how many times you use them! We offer 70-inch square tablecloths in polyester as well as vinyl – to suit your varying needs.

Our flawless and seamless white square polyester tablecloth provides the perfect base for your table setting. And if you want your guests to focus on your table centerpiece, you may opt for our ivory square polyester tablecloth. This does not mean that you have to avoid bright colors – as our royal blue square polyester tablecloth will steal the heart of your guests effortlessly!

You can opt for patterns such as our white/black checkered gingham polyester tablecloth or our white/blue checkered gingham polyester tablecloth - to enhance the beauty of your function. Besides, you may be concerned about the amount of work you have to do once your event is over! In that case, our Eco-friendly Vinyl Waterproof Tablecloth PVC Square Disposable Tablecloth is a perfect choice – as it can be thrown away once your reception is over!

At TableclothsFactory.com, we strive to offer high-quality products to make your party decor look elegant and sophisticated. You may use our 70 X 70 square tablecloth cotton or the polyester ones – depending on your personal style. Visit us – and we are sure that you will never visit any other decor site again!

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