Artificial Dahlia | Daisy


4 Bushes | White Artificial Silk Gerbera Daisy Flower Bouquets, 28 Daisies
14" | 4 Bushes
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4 Bushes | White Artificial Silk Gerbera Daisy Flower Bouquets, 28 Daisies

$10.99 Factory Price
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6 Bushes | Yellow Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Stem Bouquet Branches
20" | 6 Bushes
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6 Bushes | Yellow Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Stem Bouquet Branches

$6.99 Factory Price
$11.19 Save $4.20
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4 Bushes | 11inch Blush/Rose Gold Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Bouquet Branches
11" | 4 Bushes
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4 Bushes | 11" Blush/Rose Gold Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Bouquet Branches

$11.99 Factory Price
$19.19 Save $7.20
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2 Stems | 30inch Tall White Artificial Silk Dahlia Flowers, Branches, Bouquets
30" | 2 Stems
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2 Stems | 30" Tall White Artificial Silk Dahlia Flowers, Branches, Bouquets

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2 Stems | 30inch Tall Orange Artificial Silk Dahlia Flowers, Branches, Bouquets
30" | 2 Stems
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2 Stems | 30" Tall Orange Artificial Silk Dahlia Flowers, Branches, Bouquets

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4 Pack | 7inch Yellow Artificial Silk Dahlia Kissing Flower Balls
7" | 4 Pack
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4 Pack | 7" Yellow Artificial Silk Dahlia Kissing Flower Balls

$27.69 Factory Price
$44.29 Save $16.60

Artificial Dahlia | Daisy

While flowers are an integral element of any decor, they can wither away in your moment of glory. However, you don’t have to deprive yourself of their natural charm just because of that - our collection of artificial dahlia and daisy flowers will tuck all your worries away. Since our flowers are artificial, they can please your eyes as long as you want them to.

Handcrafted from the highest-quality materials by our talented artisans, our artificial dahlias and daisies flowers mimic their natural counterparts with striking accuracy. Thus, if you need flowers for a wedding, anniversary, or any other event to celebrate bonds between people, look no further than our artificial daisy flowers and dahlia flower stems

In case there is a baby shower on the agenda, there is no better flower to celebrate motherhood than a silk daisy - a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. On top of that, our artificial daisies like our gerbera daisy artificial flowers and artificial daisy silk flowers ooze their spring-inspired charm all year round, no matter what. Regardless of the color and species, all our daisy stem and dahlia flowers for sale are a safe bet for bouquets, wreaths, pew bows, backdrops, candle rings, and various accents.

At, we understand that despite being the most charming creations of nature, flowers are extremely fragile. In case you don’t want to end up with a withered centerpiece, please don’t hesitate to shop for flowers from our artificial dahlia and daisy collection.




1. What flowers look good with daisies ?

Ans: Often referred to as an all-season flower, vibrant and colorful daisies are a charming and flexible addition to any home or event décor. Daisies with their extraordinary depth and elegance can be used alone to create a stunning natural bouquet, or combined with other flowers, greenery, and accents to create more formal flower arrangements.

Tulips, carnations, hydrangeas, buttercups, dahlias, pansies, and calla lilies are some of the flowers that go well with daisies and will help you create the most eye-catching combinations. A bouquet with a generous selection of these blooms and different colored daisies can form a charming and uncomplicated arrangement that is appropriate for any occasion.

To complement bohemian-themed events, combine daisies and tulips or baby's breath to create a retro-inspired daisy bouquet. However, if you want a more sophisticated arrangement, consider combining dahlias with buttercups and other flowers to create a unique yet attractive floral combination.

2. How to make a dahlia wreath ?

Ans: There are countless ways to decorate your interior. Nothing, however, will accomplish it as well or as quickly as a charming artificial dahlia flower wreath. Pink dahlias for Valentine's Day, red, white, and blue stems for the Fourth of July, and white and red bunches for the winter holidays are just a few of the ways you may greet festivals with a dahlia floral wreath, along with themed decorations and lush foliage.

Are you ready to create your own? Then scroll down to learn how to make a beautiful silk dahlia wreath that you can use to brighten up your front door, as a tabletop ornament, or give to a friend.

  • Begin by trimming the excess stems of your dahlias with a wire cutter. 
  • Attach your trimmed artificial dahlia flowers to your wreath base of choice using floral tape or adhesive.
  • Fill apparent gaps with leaves and other types of flowers after you've placed all of your dahlia stems. Instead of making a dense arrangement, you can make a light and delicate wreath by sparingly adding the blossoms.
  • Once done, take a step back to check how your wreath looks and make some necessary adjustments. 
  • Finally, use bright ribbons or a transparent string line to hang your flower wreath on ceilings, windows, or front doors.

3. Where can I buy silk dahlias ?

Ans: Make the most of your living space with TableclothsFactory’s best-selling silk dahlia flowers that look just like their real-life counterparts. They are made from premium silk fibers to give each dahlia stem a realistic look and feel. Use them to bring any home decor or themed event to life and they are sure to steal the spotlight right away.

Our nature-inspired dahlia flower bouquet will add timeless elegance and bring colors and style to your home from early fall to autumn, all throughout the year. For a simple yet lovely home décor element, make a classic dahlia wedding bouquet using our 20" White Artificial Silk Dahlia Flower Spray Bushes, or display a few stems of our 30" Tall Artificial Silk Dahlia Flowers in a tall bud vase.

Our beautiful silk dahlias come in a variety of vibrant colors, with flower heads and stems of various sizes to suit any floral arrangement. Our silk dahlia flowers will undoubtedly do the trick, whether you want to add a burst of exotic beauty to a living room or highlight the aesthetic of themed weddings or events.

4. Where can I buy artificial gerbera daisies ?

Ans: Looking for the perfect flowers to add a pop of color to your centerpieces and floral displays? If that's the case, a bouquet of faux daisies will work like magic. Check out TableclothsFactory's gorgeous artificial daisies for sale, which effortlessly mimic the natural beauty and delicate charm of real flowers, that will instantly refresh home interiors or party spaces.

Our stunning selection of artificial gerbera daisies comes in a variety of great options, ranging from a small bouquet of daisies made of high-quality silk to big colorful daisies crafted from foam material, which you can use to beautifully elevate various tabletops, whether be it a side table that needs a little updating or banquet tables that lack some refreshing and interesting detail.

Show off your creativity and make the best out of our dazzling silk daisies to create chic daisy flower arrangements to showcase on top of party tables or a compelling hanging floral wall backdrop that can be used for several years without fading and withering, giving your overall event theme and decorations an exotic appeal and sophistication.

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