Backdrop Panels


Lovely Backdrop Panels For A Dynamic Background For Events!

Backdrop Panels

Whether you are looking to represent a specific theme, set the mood of a celebration, or just tie all the decorations together, you will be needing a backdrop. In our collection of wholesale backdrop décor, you’ll find a huge lot of options to suit any theme and event color.

If you are looking for classic wedding backdrop panels for your big day, feel free to drape your feature wall with our classic double drape backdrop – its classic double drape design will definitely create that wow factor. Want to compliment our black Damask flocking tablecloths? Luckily, our collection of big event backdrops will cater to your “backdrop” needs with our Dual Layer Chiffon Taffeta Damask Flocking Photography Backdrop.

Does your occasion call for tons of glitter? Not a problem, we are ready to help you with our metallic shiny spandex glittering backdrop, dazzling metallic foil flower backdrop, and sequin backdrop for party event wedding decoration.

Whichever wedding backdrops from our event decoration wholesale you choose, make no mistake, our heavy duty nylon photographic backdrop muslin clamps clips and height adjustable photo video studio crossbar kit background backdrop support system stand will make the installation a cinch!

You can enhance the glam factor of your event curtains by adding a layer of acrylic crystal beads, foam flowers, artificial greenery panels, colored LED lights, or silk flowers for extra texture and dimension and an even more impressive visual effect.

Backdrop Curtains
Backdrop Drapes

For a more whimsical look that's excellent for a cheerful birthday bash atmosphere, you can add a colorful balloon arch or banners to magnify the wow factor of your fabric curtains. Various color combinations will also make your event more eye-catching, especially if you are try

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that since the backdrop is often a focal point of any party décor, it should be a downright attention grabber. With our collection of foil and fabric backdrops, we always have something bedazzling. Whichever custom backdrops you need, please don’t hesitate to hit up our collection!

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to hang curtain backdrop ?

Ans: If you want to hang your backdrop without a stand, the most common solution is to place the backdrop on a pipe, rod, or beam. If your backdrop has grommets, you can hang the backdrop from the rod with hooks, just like a shower curtain.

If it doesn’t have grommets, drape the backdrop over the rod like a towel on a towel rack. If you want to attach your curtain backdrop to the wall, you can do so using tape, wall tacks, or pins. However, this is only applicable to lighter fabrics.

2. What curtains to use for backdrop ?

Ans: You can use almost any curtain that has some drape depending on what qualities you’re looking for in your curtain or backdrop. Organza backdrops are good for layering when you’re looking for volume. If you’re looking for a crisp drape, you can go for Taffeta drapery. For a luxurious look that drapes well and has a slight sheen but does not reflect light, Velvet backdrop curtains are a good choice.

If you want to go for a luxurious and textured look, then the highly reflective and eye-catching glitter of sequin curtain panels is your pick. Are you envisioning a soft, airy drape and backdrop for your wedding and party? Then the lightweight Tulle backdrop sheer curtain panels with its uniform weave and slight sheen are highly recommended. 

3. Where to buy backdrop fabric ?

Ans: If you are looking for backdrop fabric you can use for any event decoration project, including elegant photo booths, stage backdrops, draping, table sashes or runners, and more, you have come to the right place. Our wide range of backdrop curtains includes Big Payette sequin backdrop curtains, Fire Retardant Polyester Curtain Panels, Premium Velvet backdrop drapes, and many more.

All the fabrics in our Backdrops Panels collection all have a soft and elegant drape so you'll love the natural look when used as backdrop curtains for party and any special event. Be sure to check out our sequins collection for a sparkly glitter backdrop that gracefully catches the light on camera!

4. How to set up backdrop for party ?

Ans: You can usually hang backdrop curtains on a backdrop stand or DIY a PVC backdrop stand for your party and events. Decorate with foam or poster cut out, balloon garlands, letter balloons, acrylic letters, vinyl letters, or banners in front of your fabric if you are looking to add more to it.

5. How to make a lighted backdrop for wedding ?

Ans: Incorporating the warm vibes of fairy string lights into your wedding curtain backdrop panels are now made easier with our LED lit Organza Curtains. Now you can add a splash of enchanting glitz and glam to your wedding function, birthday bash, wedding anniversary, shower party, or any other celebratory event effortlessly. They will make photos look great and create a romantic ambiance as your party resumes long after the sun goes down.

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