Burlap Napkins


Burlap Napkins

Usher a contemporary charm into your table settings by mixing and matching different colors of our textured faux burlap napkins with tablecloths and runners. The aesthetic charm of these faux table napkins will perfectly accent your country-themed table décor when elegantly wrapped with a piece of twine.

Exhibit the rustic beauty of our seamlessly finished napkins cloth on the tabletop to add a touch of whimsy to your event décor. Not only will these faux burlap cloth linen napkins usher in a colorful shine to your tablescape but will also bring in an aura of luxury and grandeur accentuating the table aesthetics tenfold. Make these pretty folding napkins pop against a contrasting table linen hue to achieve the desired glamorous look for your chic events and celebrations. 

You may fold our blush textured cloth napkins into glimmering gold napkin rings and arrange them on the tables as pretty statement pieces for your bridal showers, birthdays, and wedding receptions, or give your event more of a modern look by folding our blue textured cloth napkins or charcoal textured cloth napkins into crisp squares on top of your contrasting dinner plates.

Choose pretty shades of our slubby textured cloth napkins and burlap napkins available at Tableclothsfactory to give your plain tables a classy twist. Artistically fold these rustic napkins on the table and pair them with plush table centerpieces and candles for a delightful dining experience.




1. What to do with cloth napkins ?

Ans: Using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at weddings and holiday parties is a simple way to enhance even everyday meals, as well as a basic step towards more sustainable living. However, when you're not using them to wipe your mouth or to accent your table setting, you can use burlap cloth napkins in a number of clever craft ideas as stated below.

  • Make a charming farmhouse throw pillow covers by sewing two burlap looking napkins together. Put a pillow insert inside and you've got yourself a new couch or patio furniture accessory.
  • Instead of using a placemat or charger plate for an informal place setting, use burlap table napkins to transform a table for any occasion. Place your charger plate or dinner plate directly on top of a fully open linen napkin, followed by other crockery and cutlery.
  • Use burlap cocktail napkins in the same way that you would standard burlap cloth in a quilting project.
  • Make a quick and cute hostess gift or wrap any small item with farmhouse napkins. To do this, lay the cloth napkin on a flat surface. Put the gift in the middle and gather the four corners around it. Lastly, secure the cloth napkin with a piece of jute twine and some gorgeous ribbon.
  • Keep an array of pastries fresh and warm for longer and make them look more appealing by lining your bread basket with a couple of farmhouse linen napkins. Simply cover and enjoy warm bread throughout your meal.

2. How to care for linen napkins ?

Ans: Despite being almost an unfussy fabric, farmhouse cloth napkins may require washing at times. Whether a guest spilled sauce or food on your burlap napkin or you've been using the same set of faux linen napkins for family meals for a few days now, proper care should be considered so you can use them again.

To prevent fiber loss, hand wash these slubby textured vintage cloth napkins separately in cold water using a mild soap if needed. Because faux jute or burlap table napkins are frail, they should be handled with care. Wet fabrics should never be twisted or wrung out. Then, let the burlap napkin air dry after washing. Grease and stubborn stains can be gently removed with a cloth dipped in a mixture of vinegar and warm water, then rinse under running water.

3. Where to buy napkins online ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory is the ideal choice for all of your dining table and place setting needs, including tableware, cloth table linens like faux burlap table napkins, and more. With our farmhouse dinner napkins, you can create the perfect table setting for formal and informal events.

Our natural linen napkins will give any table a layered effect and are great for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner sets. For a coordinated aesthetic, pair them with other holiday-themed linens like striped and checkered tablecloths. The adaptability of these rustic table napkins allows you to accent any type of occasion, be it a casual picnic or a sophisticated affair.

Other than that, our faux burlap napkins are soft and durable. They will last for years of use, providing good value for your money. They are wrinkle and stain-resistant so there is no need to iron them. Consider using these best no iron napkins and other serving supplies to set the table for your next occasion and see how surprised your visitors will be when they find a faux jute cloth napkin on your formal dining table.

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