Foam Wall Tiles & Panels


Foam Wall Tiles & Panels

Not among those lucky enough to have a perfect brick wall? Worry not, with our foam wall tiles and peel and stick wall panels you can easily recreate the classic look of a brick wall without dealing with bricks and getting messy with concrete – just stop by our collection of Foam Wall Tiles & Panels and do a quick facelift to your home décor right now!

There’s no need to hire a pro – simply decide on brick wall sticker decals of suitable color or texture and make a purchase. Need realistic 3D foam wall tiles? We’ve got you covered with our 3D White Foam Self Adhesive Wall Panels - Diamond Design, 3D White Foam Self Adhesive Wall Panels - French Design, 3D White Foam Self Adhesive Wall Panels - Waves Design, and White Foam Self Adhesive Wall Panels - Alligator Skin Style – all you need to do is to peel and stick and an accent wall is not just ready to make a dramatic statement but also to help you in noise and temperature control. Looking to refresh your bedroom with a pop of color? Not a problem, you can choose between our black foam brick wall tiles peel-and-stick 3D wall panel, blush foam brick wall tiles peel-and-stick 3D wall panel, or metallic silver brick wall tiles peel-and-stick 3D wall panel – couple these waterproof Foam Wall Tiles and peel and stick wall panels with our foam flowers and a wonderland display is ready to go!

We realize that significant changes are usually costly and time-consuming. Well… usually, but not always! With self-adhesive foam wall panels from TableclothsFactory, you can transform your décor in less than half an hour. If you are ready for quick changes, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of Foam Wall Tiles & Panels.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How many foam wall tiles I should order for my wall ?

Ans: You will need enough foam wall tiles to cover the area of your wall that you want to decorate. Start with the calculation by multiplying the height by the width of the wall, and then dividing by the area of a single tile. Some walls that have custom areas, such as bathrooms, often have a half wall covering. To get the exact estimate, always measure only to the highest installation point.

2. Where we can order peel and stick wall tiles ?

Ans: Today you will get a variety of options available online for peel and stick wall tiles. You can make your choice accordingly and you can also compare prices. You will find a wide variety of options with various designs. Buy Unique Decor and great solutions at TableclothsFactory, where you can find a wide variety and designs of peel and stick tiles available at a very reasonable price.

3. Are these foam wall tiles waterproof ?

Ans: One of the main characteristics of foam tiles that confuse customers is whether or not these foam mats are waterproof, and can be used in situations where they are regularly exposed to water. Pay attention to the construction design. A closed cell design will provide waterproof protection on the foam mat, while an open cell design will not. One way to determine the difference between these two foam tiles is by the firmness of the material. A closed cell tile has a much firmer texture than an open cell tile.

4. How to clean peel and stick wall tiles ?

Ans: Peel and stick tiles are cleaned with a degreaser or grease-cutting cleaner. If they are not so greasy or dirty, just use a sponge to restore their shine. Use a mild, non-abrasive household cleaning product such as dish soap, a cream cleanser, or a window cleaner.

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