Hanging Room Dividers


Hanging Room Dividers To Refresh Your Home Decor Style!

Hanging Room Dividers

When you need a bit of privacy or want to direct attention to a certain area of the room, look no further than our Hanging Room Dividers. Perfect for restaurants/hotel setup, saloons, home interior decor, dance recitals, concerts, and even bridal gazebos, our collection of room separators and ceiling hanging room dividers is unsurpassed. Be sure to use these wall separators both indoor & outdoor for a spectacular look.

Check out our crystal diamond beaded curtain with bendable plastic rod for adding that sparkly touch to an entire room or to decorate doorways, trellises, or walls. If you're lucky enough to have privacy and excellent light, a corner installation of our 12ft Crystal Diamond Beaded Curtain with Plastic Rod and Adjustable Hook is an exceptional way to benefit from both the features and the play of light on beads without having to lose a great view.

Let your beauty parlors enjoy the breathtaking appeal of our champagne metallic foil fringe curtain for beaming interior design. Create a separate jazzy space with our Big Payette Sequin Curtains and let your guests pull off their best dance moves this Saturday night! Illuminate your ceiling decor with our purple metallic foil fringe chandelier for an enhanced elite setup.

Let our burgundy thermal blackout curtains create the utmost privacy for you and your family. Explore the rich ethnic beauty that our blackout curtains exude. Perfect for reducing excess sun rays from altering the natural room temperature, our lavender blackout curtains with window treatment panels will not only block light but will also reduce your electricity bills by maximizing temperature control.

Beaded Door Curtains
Room Divider Partition

If you are a fan of natural sunlight, order our sheer organza curtains with rod pockets for that see-through curtain decor. Whether splitting up a dorm room or creating a new nook, we’ve made partitioning your space easy with our sheer organza curtains. With their semi-translucent weave, these almost transparent room divider partitions will let the light in but keep closets, corners, and corners concealed.

Also available in our stores are backdrop stands and frames that can be used to hang these decorative room dividers. Don’t hesitate to check out more decor essentials like table runners, chair covers, tablecloths, centerpieces, confetti, gift bags, etc. at TableclothsFactory to complete the look of your home, office, or party space!

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy beaded curtains ?

Ans: Whether you have a spacious home or a snug studio apartment, TableclothsFactory's hanging bead curtains are a precious accessory when it comes to making your free space stretch further. From devising distinct living areas and rooms within rooms to providing loads of privacy in a flash, these convenient room divider partition will help you get the most from your room layout.

2. How to divide a room without a door ?

Ans: Sometimes your space isn’t quite built the way you’d like it. If you can’t add walls, room separators are the cost-effective option that can help divide space and add a dash of style and character to a room. Hanging wall dividers allow you to optimize your small bedroom, living room, and other spaces as you desire. You can easily change up the design, provide extra privacy, maximize storage area, or just create a different view.

3. How to partition a room ideas ?

Ans: Room dividers don't have to be folding screens. You can be crafty with a curtain rod and ceiling hanging room divider to partition a room. If your front door opens directly into the living room, create a small makeshift entryway with beaded door curtains.

Create a cozy little space in the dining room by installing a hanging curtain room dividerWhen you want to obstruct access to a door-less frame without actually having to install a door, consider fabric door screen curtains or beaded curtains, depending on the style of the space.

4. Where can I find room dividers ?

Ans: For a superb room divider at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with our hanging partitions. Whether you live in a small space and need hanging room partitions to create a separate area, or you have a large space that needs partitioning or cover to anchor your space, TableclothsFactory has a plethora of options. Our hanging room dividers can change any room with the style, color, pattern, and functionality that you need. 

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