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54Inchx10 Yards Dusty Rose Polyester Fabric Bolt DIY Craft Fabric Roll
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54"x10 Yards Dusty Rose Polyester Fabric Bolt DIY Craft Fabric Roll

$23.99 Factory Price
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54inch Wide x 10 Yards Terracotta Polyester Fabric Bolt, Wholesale Fabric By The Bolt
54" x 10Yards
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54"x10 Yards Terracotta Polyester Fabric Bolt DIY Craft Fabric Roll

$23.99 Factory Price
$38.39 Save $14.40
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54inch Wide x 10 Yards Sage Green Polyester Fabric Bolt, Wholesale Fabric By The Bolt
54" x 10Yards
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54"x10 Yards Sage Green Polyester Fabric Bolt DIY Craft Fabric Roll

$23.99 Factory Price
$38.39 Save $14.40
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12 Inch x 10 Yards | Premium Slub Polyester Fabric | Purple Bolt | TableclothsFactory
12" x 10 Yards
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12"x10 Yards Slub Polyester Fabric Bolt - Purple

$6.16 Factory Price
$10.79 Save $4.63

Polyester Fabric Bolts

Making the ideal theme for your event isn't a simple task. No matter what, we can make it a good time for you! To begin with, choose from our wide range of discounted polyester wholesale fabric by the bolt. This is particularly applicable for white polyester fabric as that can complement it as a uniform color for any event theme. At tableclothsfactory.com, we offer polyester fabric in various shades that will satisfy every one of your needs.

Generally, a backdrop in a light shade is utilized for making stand out in relation to darker color themes. We offer a light-shaded ivory polyester fabric bolt that can be utilized as a backdrop to the event. Balance this with our Turquoise Rolls of Polyester Fabric that can be utilized for making bows, table cloths, and chair covers. 

Remember, our poly fabric has a matte finish which gives your event a touch of sophistication. This is the reason the flawless extravagance of our Fuchsia Polyester Fabric Bolt does something amazing when it is utilized to facilitate table covers, favors, chair sashes, and significantly more.

When your event is special, its decoration has to be special too. We have slub material for you - which is not an ordinary fabric. This is a polyester satin fabric that has knotting leading to raised threads that are soft to touch and impart a unique texture to it.

We know that you will love our emerald green slub polyester fabric bolt as it has a rugged but still elegant look that will be embraced by your guests. Continue to surprise your guests with the softness of these protruding threads as they sit on chair covers made with Purple Slub Polyester Fabric Bolt. They would love to feel the texture of our slub polyester fabric bolts when you make wedding favors with them!



1. What can you make with polyester fabric ?

Ans: Polyester is a well-known synthetic fabric for its adaptability, as it can be applied to a wide range of applications, including garments, fabric accessories, and table linens. You'll be shocked to learn that this textile isn't merely used to make clothes. There are numerous trims you can produce for your home and party decorations by sewing polyester fabric.

While making polyester clothing is the most common application for polyester, it is also used in interior design and home décor, including bedspreads, comforters, cushions, furniture, carpets, and curtains. Other popular applications of this popular polyester outdoor fabric include:

  • Sportswear
  • Yarns and sewing threads
  • Luggage and other bags
  • Coats, parkas, and outdoor clothing
  • Footwear
  • Stuffing for comforters 
  • Soft furnishings and upholstery
  • Microfiber items

2. How to care for polyester fabric ?

Ans: Aside from its inexpensive cost, heavy duty polyester fabric is easy to maintain, that’s why adding it to your decor and home furnishings could be a good option. Polyester is frequently mixed with other fibers that need various cleaning methods. As a result, care instructions may differ depending on the cloth.

Oily stains should be cleaned before washing a 100 percent polyester fabric. In general, items made of polyester can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in a warm or cold setting. They can also be tumble dried on a low setting and taken from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished. 

Garments should be hung on hangers or folded right away. When handled in this manner, they rarely require ironing. If pressing is required, it should be done on the wrong side of the fabric at a moderate temperature. 

3. Where can I buy polyester fabric ?

Ans: If you're searching for a low-maintenance yet very durable fabric for everyday and party use, we recommend checking out TableclothsFactory's extensive collection of polyester cloth, which you can use in creating unique clothing or customized decorations for event décor or furnishings. 

We provide fabric polyester in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns for you to pick from. Choose from our many different types of polyester fabric to adorn your centerpieces, hang as a stunning backdrop, or make stylish ornaments. Whatever the nature of your project, if you need a colorful, durable material, we are sure we have polyester linen to suit your preferences.

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