Stylish Table Runners


Stylish Table Runners

Table runners have for long graced our tables and created a captivating and whimsical touch to the décor. If you feel your plain tablecloth needs a bit of revamping, then has got you covered. You will fall head over heels for our inexpensive Stylish Table Runners as they come in different designs and colors. So then, transfer your plain banquet tablecloths with the help of our inexpensive modern table runners that will bring out an inimitable appeal in your entire décor setup.

Made for greatness is our Floral Lace Netting Table Runner with a dainty floral accent or our COUTURE Tulle Satin Table Runner that makes a perfect fit for dining tables. Reflect the entire room with our DASHING Mirror Foil Table Runner and Shiny Metallic Foil Lame Fabric Table Runner that will bounce off rays of light for that discotheque theme.  Bring the glorious nature indoors with our artificial grass table runner and Green Preserved Moss Table Runner with Fishnet Grid and get your guests awe-struck by the calm and voguish feel it emits.

Say yes to our Glitter Paper Table Runner Roll that will thrill your mind and create diverse and authentic splendor. Also available are our Faux Sheepskin Fur Runner, Maple Leaf Vinyl Table Runner, and Premium Upscale Sequin Runner to match your aesthetic needs. Nevertheless, these table runners for dressers and any kind of table will unearth beauty all over.

Take pleasure in our exciting wide variety of products and be sure to expound your creativity as you mix and match our elegant table runners with table cloths available in our stores for an organized and upscale event. Find more stylish table runners for sale for your large purchases, along with ribbons, centerpieces, disposable dinnerware, and many others here at




1. Can a table runner be shorter than the table ?

Ans: The simple act of changing your table linens from one season to another will instantly refresh your interior. Among table linens, table runners are the superstars of a table setting, whether you're trying to put on a seasonal presentation to spruce up your dining room table or simply want to add another focal point to your banquet tables. These simple table accents are available in a variety of sizes to complement larger rectangular dining tables as well as console or coffee tables.

A long, modern table runner that hangs down a bit over the table’s ends without reaching the seats or the people seated there is generally used for formal settings and is more aesthetically pleasing. However, small table runners that stop where the table ends or is slightly shorter than the length of the table have the same impact as a longer one and can give contrast to a more relaxed everyday table and be used to emphasize a centerpiece. Plus, you'll be able to showcase the beautiful surface of your table if you choose to skip the use of a tablecloth.

Just like the drape length of a tablecloth, the amount of drape for decorative table runners can vary and should be equal on both sides. Tablecloth falls typically range from 6 to 12 inches. However, runners aren't really bound by any rules, so their length can also be a little shorter or longer than the suggested size if you're satisfied with their overall appearance. With complementing table placemats, dinner chargers, cloth napkins, and centerpieces, you can create a complete tablescape from this point on.

2. Can you use a table runner with a tablecloth ?

Ans: Table runners are a versatile and inexpensive way to quickly update the look and theme of tables. However, some people get confused about whether to use fancy table runners with a tablecloth. Well, the answer is yes, you can. This option will give you the most versatility, just make sure the runner is long enough to cover the entire table.

A stylish runner can be used in conjunction with a tablecloth to create harmony or contrast. Using a matching tablecloth and runner along with a few embellishments will give your tabletop a more understated appearance. For more casual events, using both together is more common. Use both and match your design or colors to coordinate with your event. 

If you're having a formal event and want your tablecloth to be white to give more emphasis to the other elements on the table and keep the design interesting, select a patterned runner. This will really make the centerpieces pop. Just make sure that the overhang of your colorful table runner is equal and that the lengths of the runner and tablecloth are perfectly aligned.

3. Where to buy table runners ?

Ans: It's never too early to think about your next social gathering. A well-maintained table runner is an easy way to add a splash of color to tables and will also help prevent things from sliding around on the table. Whether you're looking for a modern non-fabric runner or a classic fabric table runner for a wedding or special event, TableclothsFactory has what you're looking for.

We bring you the best selection of stylish table runners, both minimalist and elegant, to suit any event and style. Every celebration needs a little glitz and glam, and we've got our DASHING Mirror Foil Table Runner or Disposable Glitter Paper Table Runner to make your next event sparkle. You can't be the life of the party unless you're properly accessorized with designer table runners. With our incredibly unique Wire Nest Table Runner, you can also add some major brilliance to your tablescape and make it particularly stunning for any occasion.

Use our long table runners to set the stage for a celebratory meal or use them as bedroom dresser runners. They'll give your table an elegant look, and the many shades they come in make it easy to match them with your crockery and napkins. Our contemporary table runner can fit over the majority of standard table designs thanks to its long, narrow shape. 

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