Sash Pins & Rhinestone Brooches


Sash Pins & Rhinestone Brooches

Got charming chair sashes, but something is still missing? Chances are you haven’t visited our collection of chair sash pins, which are available in a range of colors and shapes! Due to their chic geometric shapes coupled with the peerless diamond sparkle of rhinestones, our rhinestone chair sash buckles can illuminate any décor that deserves a regal touch.

You can bring geometrical perfection into your party setup with our circle diamond chair sash buckle sash pin or diamond chair buckle sash pin – the embedded diamond will play with our spandex, sequin, satin, lace, and organza chair sashes. Having a big day? It’s the perfect excuse to infuse your reception venue with the spirit of love by pinning your chair sashes, runners, napkins, or invitations with our silver heart diamond chair buckles sash pin. In case you still haven’t stocked up on chair sashes, we can give you a nice opportunity to save with our stretch spandex banquet chair sash band with silver diamond ring slide buckle. Last but not least, all our rhinestone brooch pins are easy to use – simply open the safety pin, choose the desired position, and close it back.

We understand that using real diamonds is not the most budget-friendly way of adding a little sparkle into décor. To wipe your worries away, TableclothsFactory has got you covered with our glittering sash pins, which mimic the regal appeal of real diamonds. Please visit us now to check out the best sash buckles out there!

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